A Day Rate includes 8 hours of photography and a further 18 hours of Post Production. We produce approximately 50 retouched shots from a full day. A Half Day is 4 hours photography, 9 hours of Retouching and 25 shots. All rates include an hour of Admin, local expenses and Travel time.


EDITORIAL.  £25/hour

Commissions by Editorial Publications to illustrate a single article.

Day Rate             725
Half Day              400
Quarter Day        250
Single Hour         200
Overtime/hr         100


PROMOTIONAL   £50/hour

For promoting a brand in The Press, Social Media and Websites.

Day Rate            1500
Half Day               900
Quarter Day         500
Single Hour          350
Overtime/hr          200



Travel Day  10hrs  250
Half Day  5 hrs       125


The images are Licensed for use by the Client and the Designer only. Usage by additional parties is charged at 50% of the fee.

A Quarter Day Rate includes 2 hours of photography and a further 4 hours of Post Production. We produce approximately 12 retouched shots from a Quarter day. A Single Hour would provide approximately 6 shots. All rates include an hour of Admin, local expenses and Travel time.


CORPORATE   £70/hour

Usage for annual reports, brochures and direct marketing media.

Day Rate           2000
Half Day            1200
Quarter Day        800
Single Hour         500
Overtime/hr         300


ADVERTISING   £100/hour

Usage to advertise a product, service or brand in any media.

Day Rate           3000
Half Day            2000
Quarter Day      1500
Single Hour       1000
Overtime/hr         400



Travel by car is charged if location is outside London.
Mile                     0.50


The entire Copyright in the photographs is retained by the Photographer at all times throughout the World.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I own the copyright to the images?

    Photographers along with most other creatives, retain the copyright to their work. All this means for the client is that they can't sell or give away the images for use by third parties.

  • What can I use the images for?

    The majority of our shoots are for Promotion. acceptable uses of the images for a Promotional fee are Websites, Social Media, Press Releases and Editorial Articles. If we agree a rate for Promotion and then the images get used for an Advertising Poster then that wouldn’t be acceptable.

  • Who can use the images?

    The images are licensed for use by the Client and the Architect or Designer only. If third parties want to use the images to promote Themselves and therefore gain more business then we will charge them 50% of the original fee for the whole set or £100 per image.

  • Can I purchase the copyright?

    It's very rare that a client needs to purchase the copyright. Full copyright usage and ownership of the images can be purchased for double the Advertising rate. The copyright owner will be able to use, sell and distribute the images exclusively.

  • What’s included in the Fee?

    If within London, our fees (except advertising) are all inclusive of expenses for travel, sustenance, post production and admin. Our clients have the assurance of the final invoice sum with no surprises. If Ed has to travel outside of London then travel costs are added. These are at cost or specified above.

  • How are your fees calculated?

    Our fees are calculated by the total number of hours it takes to produce a shoot. This includes the time for the pre-production correspondence, travel arrangements, local travel, shoot, processing, retouching and post shoot admin. Local expenses for travel and sustenance are then added to the fee so it becomes all inclusive. We have different hourly rates for the types of fee

  • Will you retouch the images?

    We retouch all the images immaculately but are happy to discuss anything else you require. Removing unwanted items, colour correction, cropping and resizing are all included within the fee. Specialist retouching whereby items need to be added to an image will be charged according to the complexity.

  • What do I have to prepare for the shoot?

    We want to get as many shots for you as possible so it's important that the location is prepared before we arrive. Please check that there are no stock deliveries that day, all lights are working, the windows and floors are clean and where relevant, all furniture is aligned and bedsheets are ironed (with starch if necessary).

  • Can you help getting our work published?

    We have a reputation for professionalism, competence and creativity, delivering images that capture the visions of architects and designers.
    We produce a high number of immaculately retouched images to best promote the project. Great pictures increase the projects potential for publication. Our long established links with the design media ensures our clients work has the best chance of being seen by both prospective clients and contemporaries.

  • Referrals

    Most of our work comes from referrals. If you refer someone to us and it leads to a commission then we'll happily send you a present. The presents get bigger according to the size of the commission.