About Ed Reeve

Ed Reeve and the Edit Photographic team are purveyors of fine quality images for the promotion of the design and luxury brand industry.

Over the past 20 years, Ed has established a reputation for professionalism, competence and creativity, delivering images that capture the visions of architects and designers.

We produce a high number of immaculately retouched images to best promote the project, increasing its potential for publication.

Our long established links with the design media ensures our clients work has the best chance of being seen by both prospective clients and contemporaries.

Graduating from the University of the Arts in 1995, Ed immediately immersed himself in the thriving creative scene of London and began to shoot and promote the personalities and the works of the designers, architects, film makers and musicians of the time.

These early collaborations and connections led Ed to establish a client list that includes Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Nike, Ian Schrager, David Adjaye, Jimmy Choo, Ozwald Boateng and commissioned pieces for publications including The Sunday Times Style, The Guardian, The Telegraph Magazine, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Arena, FHM, Dazed & Confused and Conde Nast Traveller.

Ed’s considered, almost cinematic approach to composition creates a particularly graphic aesthetic. This paring down of the shot to the most crucial elements enables the details, emotions, characters and colours to emerge from the image with real clarity. This style has allowed Ed to move into the world of moving image with director of photography roles on Promos for artists such as Gorillaz, Gary Go and Beth Gibbons from Portishead and viral films for Alessi and the charity Refuge.

Ed has raised over £10,000 for charity in his sporting ventures. He has cycled across the Alps and the Dolomites, competed in Triathlons and Marathons, reached the semi-final of the British University Jidokwan Tai-Kwon-Do Championships, Is an RYA Sailing Instructor with a Powerboat license and as a BSAC Diving Instructor has dived all over the world.

Below are a selection from the comments book at Ed’s 55 Degrees South Exhibition in aid of the Child Hope Charity in memory of Dr Melanie Jane Cowley, Ed’s sister.

His love of Architecture brought him into collaboration with friend and architect David Adjaye in Building a House of timber construction in London in which he and his family now live. The house can be rented as a location for film and photography shoots.

See www.edsshed.co.uk for details.

  • “Gorgeous, joyful and lovely”

    Jane Moore, Picture Editor, Sunday Times Magazine
  • “Gorgeous as ever Ed, Love Harriet x x”

    Harriet Laurie, Director AL
  • “I came 800 miles to see this exhibition and was very pleased I did”

    Chris Cornish
  • “Fantastic photographs; thank you for transferring me to that far away land momentarily; the capture of the jungle boys plight is extraordinary ! Well done!”

    Fotini Vergottis
  • “While I know travelling around South America wasn’t the most luxurious experience for Ed he appears to have captured it’s paradisiacal essence precisely”

    Naomi Cleaver, TV Presenter for Grand Designs – Trade Secrets
  • “You are the best photographer in the world !”

    Imogen Cowley, aged 9
  • “Ed ! The photographs are amazing. I’m so jealous at the things you’ve seen and experienced, lots of love & hugs, your underwater posse aka Michelle x x”

    Michelle Kim
  • “Marvellous colours, lovely photos – Best wishes for the success you so obviously deserve”

  • “Amazing, Visually stunning”

    Rosie Veale
  • “I know seeing these children will bring tears rolling down my face; living their ‘colourful’ lives – I have great admiration for you donating money to such a fantastic cause – well done – gorgeous photos. Love Sarah”

    Sarah Blair
  • “An awe inspiring collection. Well done on capturing such beauty.”

    Jason Benseman
  • “Stunning, South America is definitely on my list to visit”

    James Ross
  • “Very good experience, Make life worth to live”

  • “Wickeds Ed, Brilliant photographs xx”

    Aimee Paton
  • “With talent like this, there can’t be a woman in the world who isn’t in love with you ! Truly stunning....Your attention to detail is breathtaking, Love Sx”

    Sarah Desmond
  • “Incredible images, with real soul. So proud of you, well done for being amazing. Big Love x”

    Jo Frost
  • “Beautiful images ! With best wishes Amie (on behalf of your friends at Alexander McQueen)”

    Amie Witton, PR director, Alexander McQueen
  • “Absolutely stunning photography, keep it up”

    Tina Tosar
  • “Extraodrinary”

    Charles Ash Stuart
  • “Refreshing and enchanting - capturing the true essence of the subjects involved”.

    Angie Hale
  • “Great stuff Ed, Yep the colours are rich and the sentiment speaks to the soul. Inspirational, Nats x”

    Natalie Ash
  • “Beautiful, Emotional”

    Jamie Reid, Metro Imaging
  • “Absolutely stunning exhibition – your representation of South America has many levels, all of them true”

    Marie Chelvah
  • Thank you for your photo collection,they are truly breathtaking and quite fascinating with such depth and of exceptional quality,the talent you have is remarkable Anne x

    Anne Bailey
  • "Your photos rock and your dedication is beautiful"

    Alexie Sommer
  • “Inspirational, Love them all, especially the juxtaposition of display”

    Val & Ian Chater
  • “Ed possesses an extraordinarily keen eye for detail no matter how sublime the subject matter.”

    Lee M. Pearce, Worldwide Director, Gucci Group
  • “Good skills Ed”

    Nic Hinton, Ammunition
  • “These photographs are very inspiring and give me instant goose bumps, Wonderful prints !”

    Josie Selby
  • “Ed Reeve’s photographs have the ability to take the viewer to the places he has recorded, encapsulating the spirit of his adventures through considered composition and use of colour”

    Barney Pickard, Art Director of Art Review
  • “Well done Ed, Huge achievement and totally inspiring” Lots of love and big hug Libs x

    Elizabeth Macleod, Butlin Design
  • “Inspiring, I really enjoyed this.”

    Nerys Anthony
  • “Muy Bueno, Magnifico, Excellente. Quieremos La Oficina de Tourismo el Mejor”

    Dorothy & David
  • “Fabulous – A journey !”

    Janice Phayre
  • “Amazing photographs, thank you for the inspiration”

    Ben Taylor
  • “Wonderful stuff ! tingles down the spine and a need to go away ! love it”

    John Boy
  • “lovely shots, you’ve captured some great feeling and moods, just beautiful”

    Kerri the Londoner
  • “Beautiful Photos, thank you for the experience”

    Tanya El-Masri
  • “Ed ! Blown away ! What an inspiration – You’ve brought a glorious ray of light and colours to the inner city ! Be proud !”

    Tracie Storey, DJ Ten Sui.
  • “Beautiful installation, both humbling & exhilarating”

    Anne Jansilke
  • “Absolutely stunning, as expected, I feel like I’ve been away with you. Lots of love Hanna xx”

    Hanna Baxter